Penises are one of the most vital organs in a man’s body. This organ has always been extremely important to all the males. Men measure their sexual powers with the help of the size of their dick. It has been a practice for several hundred years now. If a man is bestowed with a large penis, we automatically render him as being an alpha male, with a great sexual potency and virility. But here’s where things get complicated: Not all men are born or blessed with large penises. Every man in this world has a penis of a different size.  When someone doesn’t have the penis size, he believes to be adequate, he suffers from a low sexual confidence. For men it has always been about size, and it is an automated response from human brains. It is true though, that for most women, dick size of their partners matters a lot as well, as a bigger size ensures a deeper penetration and a faster orgasm.


When a male child is born, he is born with a one-inch penis size. Throughout his growth years, the size of the baby’s penis grows about five times its original. So, if we calculate, the average size for a penis is about five to 5.5 inches in length. Most men all over the world have this size. But there are other men, with a much larger penis size. For some men, penis size can range up to nine to ten inches in their length. So, the men who have the average size, might just feel that their penises are smaller than every one else’s.

For an average male, the size of a penis grows all throughout his puberty, till age 16-20. Once a man reaches that age, the size of their penis will be the final size. There are also other factors that can automatically increase or decrease the size of one’s penis. Regular sex can help a man see some positive changes in his penis size, whereas, abstinence from sex or obesity can lead to a negative effect.


Yes, there are several ways that can help a man increase the size of his penis after it has stopped growing. Medical science has seen a huge advancement in the last few decades, and it has opened a bunch of options that can aid in increasing the size of a male penis.

The first thing one has to keep in mind is to thoroughly investigate about the procedures and then make an informed decision. The safest way to increase the size of a man’s penis is by using a penis extender. It is a device that is worn on the penis for a few hours everyday till a certain period of time gets over, to see positive results. There are several exercises someone can try to increase the size of a penis. Also, if one is comfortable, he can go through a penis enlargement surgery, but it is advised to consult a doctor before trying that.

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