Adult toys have a lot of health benefits

Research shows that the sex toys Canada industry worldwide is over $15 billion. When you go to Britain it is estimated that more than half of their population have admitted to owning several adult toys for sale. For once we are going to look closely at the health benefits of sex toys Canada and not just their pleasure principle.

The purchase and use of adult toys for sale is becoming ever more mainstream and the adult toys industry is always abuzz with good vibrations. According to research undertaken in the USA by the Indiana University a vibrator has been used by 45% of men and 53% of women aged between 18 and 65 years. They also discovered that improved sexual function and being more proactive about sexual health is associated with vibrators. Sex toys Canada can also be a useful adjunct to medical treatment as well as offering fun and pleasure.

Sex therapists and experts have revealed that there is now an upsurge in the number of customers who are searching for products to assist them with certain health situations. They state that adult toys for sale can be helpful in treating symptoms of menopause like vaginal atrophy. Tightness and vulval/vaginal pain, lichen sclerosus, vulvodynia, vaginismus, surgical interventions and gynae cancer treatments; multiple sclerosis and similar neurological conditions, low libido, and lack or arousal.

In both men and women, sexual function and pleasure can also be impacted by some medications, including heart and blood pressure medicines, antihistamines, antidepressants, and cancer treatments.

The use of adult toys and sex toys Canada has been recommended by most GP who have special interest in women’s health. They say that in a study of menopausal women one of the unexpected benefit of using adult toys for sale was an improvement in overnight menopausal sweating and sleep. The sex experts also stated that there was evidence that blood flow to the vaginal area can be improved when slim internal vibrators and vaginal lubricants of good quality are used. This surely leads to some symptoms of certain vaginal conditions being improved.

It has also been suggested by some research that instead of the more clinical dilators that are usually prescribed, women tend to prefer to use slim vaginal vibrators and similar sex toys in Canada. This would serve as a complement to additional recommended treatments like psychological therapies, medication, and anesthetic gels.

Different types of sexual stimulation can be created by vibrators and other adult toys for sale. This can be quite advantageous when there is an inability to enjoy orgasm, low libido, or decreased sexual sensation.

The sex therapists have equally added that the tissues of the vagina can be stretched to enable penetration without pain when a slim vibrator is used. Also, the blood flow to the walls of the vagina can also be increased by the vibrations which would promote improved lubrication, stimulated nerves, and healing.

In the final analysis, it is advised that adults try to make the time to experiment with the use of adult toys. This is because there is mounting evidence to show that the use of sex toys in Canada has a lot of health benefits that were previously unknown . So consider coming to our shop Pleasures N’ Treasures, when next you want to buy vibrators in Canada.

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