A very special experience and how it felt when I accidentally booked myself for a Nuru massage.

Last few weeks I’ve been working very hard, there were new games being released which took almost all of my time so I had to do overtimes at work.

Due to that, I’ve been coming home more exhausted than usual and it was being a problem for me to even do simple tasks like driving a car or buying something at market.

In these cases I was usually going to spas, pools or to get some massages, which I really liked and helped me get some energy, and this Friday, I booked myself a massage at local masseuse’s.

And when the Friday came, I drove straight to masseuse’s from work, euphoric and filled with anticipation.

Arriving to masseuse’s

One of problems that I encountered that day was being unable to park anywhere near her place, so I had to drive to the closest mall only to arrive 10 minutes later.

The masseuse’s name was Linda, she was 25 years old brunette girl with average-size boobs and body that was just right, just the best that this republic could offer.

When I arrived and apologized to Linda, she laughed and said it’s okay, that even she has problems finding a car spot to park at.

After that she took me in, we chatted a bit and then we started getting both naked and ready for shower.

Showering together with a sweet treatment

While we were in shower, she started massaging me, which has been the very beginning of the Nuru Massage itself (wiki).

The massage in the shower was very pleasant, and I’ve enjoyed every Linda’s touch, as if her hands were hands of angel.

When we ended in shower, we both have taken care of ourselves and Linda went to get dressed while I was told to wait in the massage room.

The massage room was pretty big, in fact, I got surprised by how large it was, compared to the rest of the flat.

The decoration of the room itself was pretty interesting, the wall was bearing colors similar to those on Bahamas, there were palm trees drawn on the walls and a literal load of pillows, mattresses and towels of all sizes.

Having a massage in strange-feeling oil

Shortly after going into massage room covered with nothing but a towel, Linda entered wearing nothing but a nightwear with a strange bottle of oil which she – after telling me to put away my towel and lying down – applied on herself and me.

After that, she put the oil on the ground and sat on top of me, slowly rubbing her angel-like hands against my chest, slowly going down.

While doing that, she systematically managed to rub her warm pussy against my body, while massaging my legs with her feet, it felt so good it’s nearly indescribable.

And while she was treating me like this, I was just lying and watching Linda’s smile as she was massaging me, and she seemed like she is enjoying it as well.

After few minutes, she told me to lie on  my back and then sat on me again, while massaging my shoulders and back with her feet.

From time to time, I smiled at her or tried to touch her privates, only to be told that „the time hasn’t come“.

When the best is about to come

As Linda was massaging me, I could very well tell that she was enjoying is as much as I did, she looked like as if she was entering her ecstasy state, bending forwards and backwards while massaging me in that good sliding oil.

After she seemed like she was nearing her orgasm, she told me to turn over and asked me if I’d like to try a 69 massage or skip right to the action, to which I replied that we could try the 69.

As I said that, she sat on my face and started rubbing her oily pussy against my face, making me hug her by the wrist and force my way inside her mouth, which she surely liked based on how happy she was when she started sucking.

After this short treatment, she stood up and sat again only to start rubbing her genitals against mine, which were evoking very strange feelings given the condition they were in.

Orgasm on the same time

Shortly after, she sat on top of me and started slowly riding me, leading me towards ecstasy she was in, and after few minutes of this glorious riding involving me rubbing her tits and spanking her, we both managed to climax on the same time, which completely exhausted us both.

We then laid down for a while, rolling over each other, still enjoying what remained of the oil and had fun together, and after we both got bored, we headed towards her bathroom to get showered again.

After  that, we both got dressed up and Linda escorted me to the exit, giving me a kiss as I was about to leave and a warm feeling that I can finally start working and being efficient again.

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